Anxiety Counselling

Is anxiety holding you back? Do you find yourself unable to do many of the things you’d love to do because of debilitating anxiety or panic attacks? Are you held back in life by lack of confidence & self- esteem or disturbed by flashbacks? Maybe you have problems sleeping & wake up exhausted? Maybe you just wish that life could be easier?

Anxiety counselling can help

I offer caring, confidential & practical help to feel better-quickly!

I can help you to enjoy your life more: to overcome your difficulties and get your life back on track; to improve your relationships; find more meaning & fulfillment in your life; to wake up energised & looking forward to the day ahead.

I Can Help You:

  • Feel happier & be more confident

  • Sleep well

  • Feel calmer and be more relaxed

  • Improve your self-esteem

  • Reduce the amount of time spent dwelling on the past

  • Improve your relationships

  • Manage stress & anxiety


Right from the very first session, I will help you to focus on clearly defined goals. You can expect to see significant improvement within three or four sessions.


If you are affected by severe anxiety, flashbacks or panic attacks – Call me on 086 354 9969 – I can help!