Meet Ann Marie

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild & precious life? - Mary Oliver (poet)

Meet Ann Marie

Hi, I’m Ann Marie and I help stuck people to get unstuck-quickly. Are you heading in the right direction? If you are, keep on doing what you are doing. If you are not, or you are but have got stuck, maybe I can help? I help people who have hit a rough patch or are struggling to move forward (like you?), to get their life back on track & their soul singing again! I can help you shake off old destructive patterns of behaviour & replace them with healthy new ones.

I help people recover from the past, rediscover their passion for life and improve their relationships. I specialise in the areas of anxiety, recovery from trauma and relationships.

My Story

Right from being a child I was always interested in people & how they work & what makes them tick. When I was young, my mother seemed very unhappy & it was my greatest desire to help her with her difficulties. Sadly, that was before I had the skills & knowledge that I have now & I was never able to do that: she died when I was 24. My desire to help my mother & my love of Psychology lead me to the work that I do today. When we are stressed out or overwhelmed by our difficulties, we can’t think straight-because the thinking parts of our brain close down. At times like those we all ideally need a wise friend: someone who’s been there but is not there at the moment; someone who is in our corner & has our best interests at heart; someone who is clear headed enough to help guide us out through the maelstrom of emotion. My promise to you, if you  work with me, is that I will be that wise friend in your corner, with your best interests always at heart & I will help you, to the best of my ability, to find your way out through the maelstrom & back on your feet, so that you can continue positively & joyfully again on your life’s journey.

My Background

I hold a BA (hons) in Psychology and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Givens Psychotherapy. I am fully trained, qualified & accredited in the most up-to-date, evidence based psychotherapy methods (read more about this here and here). I have worked with people under pressure &/or in distress for more than thirty years, helping people get their lives back following major set-backs and am a founder member of MindFully Well, a network of therapists across Ireland specialising in treating emotional & stress-related difficulties, using only up-to-date, evidence- based methods. I studied Psychology at Bangor University (University College of North Wales) before gaining a distinction in HG Psychotherapy in 2002.

Some of the forks in the road in my own journey: Deciding to take the “road less traveled” by choosing, after my Psychology degree to train in a little known therapy because it offered the best training & evidence-base and I wanted to become the best therapist/coach I could be for my clients.

At a turning point in my own relationship, many years ago, I rediscovered the work of Psychologist John Gottman  & applied his research findings to my own relationship with great success. This eventually led to my current work with couples and individuals having difficulties in relationships. I have developed my own method, based on combining Gottman’s research with my training in HG Psychotherapy and have found that by doing this I am having great success in helping people turn failing relationships around.

I was born & brought up in East Yorkshire, England, UK and am the eldest of four sisters. My mother was from County Meath and I  live in County Wicklow with my husband & thirteen year old twins (a girl & a boy).


My Approach I use Human Givens Therapy. Human Givens Psychotherapy is a modern talking therapy based on an up-to-date, understanding of the mind/body system from Psychology and Neurobiology. It starts from where you are now and is focused on getting you, as quickly as possible, to where you’d like to be. It combines a number of approaches to maximising wellbeing including:modern performance enhancing & motivational techniques. It also uses  stories, metaphors & draws on ancient wisdom. As well as, in many cases, substantially reducing symptoms and distress, I can also as give you tools and techniques to help you to manage your difficulties better. (Read more about this approach here or see

Call me – on 086 354 9969 – I can help!

If you do not change your direction, you will end up exactly where you are headed.

– Ancient Chinese Proverb