Couples Counselling

Couples counselling: this service is for couples, & individuals,in a long term-relationship. Are you in a long-term relationship and struggling to make it work? Feeling worn down by life & exhausted by conflict? Wishing that it could all be easier?

Would you like your relationship to be closer & more trusting? To be able to come home to a loving, supportive home & family life?

I offer caring, confidential & effective help and support.

Let me help you understand the difficulties in your relationship better and what you can do to break forever this cycle of disappointment & pain. I will give you the knowledge & skills you need to maximize your chances of restoring the closeness & friendship you once shared.

Let me help you understand why you haven’t been able to create the lasting happiness you seek. I will show you how to move forward, in this area of your life, to where you want to be. Whether you are married, living-together, gay or straight and whether you want one to one support or to come together with your partner, if you are looking for evidence-based, effective help with relationships, this service is for you.

I just wanted to tell you the good news that (my husband) and I are back together & have been since about May. Didn’t want to ring you earlier as was keen to see how things were going but so far it is great and I have my lovely husband (not grumpy one) back! All is so much better and we are both in much better places than we were b4. I am very grateful to u as on our journey u were the only professional who understood it properly Couples counselling- Female Client